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    CONTENTS 1, 2018 .

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    Nikolaev A.A., Danilenko A.S., Lozhkin I.A.
    Study of different types of power systems stabilizers used in synchronous generators automatic excitation control systems. load

    Ganin D.R., Litsin K.V., Litsina D.Yu., Baskova T.V., Usatyi D.Yu.
    Automatic system development of feeding slag-forming mixture in crystallizer CCM-2 JSC Ural Stell. load

    Maklakova ..
    Improving the speed control system of the main drive of the rolling mill. load

    Nikolaev A.A., Buksartov E.S., Lozhkin I.A., Tukhvatullin M..
    Analysis of methods for determining the optimal location of a static var compensator for power systems. load

    Imanayev R.A., Ryabishina L.A., Nabiyev T.M., Maryin K.C.
    Calculation of currents of the highest harmonicas for the autonomous system of power supply of the oil and gas field. load

    Sarapulov F.N., Smolianov I.A., Rodionov I.E.
    Investigation of the traction linear induction motor for conveyor train. load

    Vinogradov A.B., Glebov N.A.
    Sensorless torque controlled induction motor drives for applications with large parameter deviation. load

    Usova M.A., Velkin V.I.
    Possibility of use renewable energy sources to increasing the reliability of the responsible energy consumers on the enterprise. load

    Simakov G.M., Filushov V.Yu., Filushov Yu.P.
    Control of the synchronous machine of electromagnetic excitation of electric drive. load