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    CONTENTS №1, 2017 г.

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    Burlakov E., Evdokunin G., Karpov A., Shatilov D.
    Transient processes and voltage overloads in single-phase high voltage cable lines. load

    Litsin K.V., Simidotsky A.E.
    Overview of known methods for determining the angular position of the rotor of an induction motor. load

    Novikov G.K, Fedchishin V.V, Smirnov A.I.
    TSD spectroscopy and electric polarimetry radiation and chemical (ozonidox, peroxide and thermoxyline) stitched cable polyethylene. load

    Maklakova Ye.A.
    Using of preacceleration of rolling mill motor shaft for reduce the dynamic load. load

    Sologubov A.Yu., Faryma V.I.
    On the use of artificial neural networks in control systems of electric drives of alternating current winding-unwinding mechanisms of cold rolling mills. load

    Galimova A.A.
    Increase in reliability of work lines of external lighting highway. load

    Galimova A.A.
    Energy-saving technology: a comprehensive approach to the problem relationship power engineers and consumers. load







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