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    CONTENTS №2, 2017 г.

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    Nikolaev A.A., Mutallapova F.F.
    Development of improved block diagrams for an asynchronous motor in the coordinate system d-q relative to the rotor without reference to the reference vector. load

    Sarlybayev A.A., Zhuravlev P.Yu.
    Thermal examination of vacuum circuit breakers and surge protection devices for 110 kV electric switchboard. load

    Yakimov I.A.
    Methods for improving the efficiency of a ultra-high arc furnace due to electrical equipment. load

    Maklakov A.S., Radionov A.A.
    Hybrid PWM of 3L-BtB-NPC converte. load

    Blinov Yu., Blinov K., Kozulina T., Galunin S.
    Simulation of high-frequency heating of a strip from mate-rials with various properties. load

    Novikov G.K.
    Effect of radiation cross-linking in an electric gas discharge on the mechanical strength of polyethylene cable insulation. load







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