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    CONTENTS №2, 2018 г.

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    Yakimov I.A.
    Questions to control the electric energy efficient mode of ultra-high power arc furnaces using the example EAF-180 PJSC "MMK". load

    Kovernikova L.I., Luong Van Chung, Fedchishin V.V.
    Modeling non-linear load currents by mixture distribution separation. load

    Kolosok I.N., Korkina E.S.
    Refinement of transmission line equivalent circuit parameters at power system state estimation by PMU data. load

    Koptjaev E.N., Popkov E.N.
    Direct-conversion electric propulsion system. load

    Smirnov A.Yu., Zimin A.Yu., Kudryashov D.A.
    Research on waveform pulses on step drive running with inductor motor. load

    Kinsht N.V, Petrunko N.N.
    Interpretation of the partial discharges integrated frame as a set of interrelated processes. load

    Hovhannisyan A.T.
    System of design calculation of linear electromagnet with-out the stop (part 1). load

    Novikov G.K.
    The fundamental quenching effect of the electret potential difference in silicon dioxide SiO2 and the current model of the polarization of electrets. load







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